UEFA’s Euro Women’s Cup & Conmebol Women Copa América… For the conquest of the continents.

UEFA’s Euro Women’s Cup & Conmebol Women Copa América

For the conquest of the continents

2022 is a big year for soccer lovers. In addition to the FIFA World Cup that will be held in November, the UEFA Euro Women’s Cup and Conmebol Women Copa América took center stage during this last month. These tournaments have stood out in sports news on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.

UEFA Euro Women Cup

This cup took place in England and has broken all records of public attendance in matches, audiences on TV, and on streaming services from all over the world. It has already set a new attendance record for the tournament, drawing more than 248,075 fans.

Elena Linari, Italy National Team

Tatiana Pinto, Portugal National Team

The sixteen national teams played from 6 to 31 of July with a total of 31 matches, which have been contested in nine venues across the country. Austria, England Norway, Northern Ireland, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Finland, the Netherlands (preceding champion), Sweden, Portugal, Switzerland, France, Italy, Belgium, and Iceland competed to conquer the European cup. The grand final, which crowned England national team as champion, was held at Wembley Stadium.

This event become the ALL-TIME most-attended match at either a men's or women's EURO final tournament with a record audience: 87.192 viewers.

Beth Mead (England) was considered the best player of the cup, and also was the top scorer with 6 goals.

Conmebol Copa América

On the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, the “Copa América” was played from 8 to 30 of July in Colombia, specifically in three venues: Armenia, Bucaramanga, and Cali.

The ten South-American national teams - Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil (last champion and notable winner in international competitions), Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, and Venezuela- disputed a total of 25 games to gain their place in the podium. 

The past 30 of July was the expected final, in which Brazil was the big winner. Brazilians not only have won the trophy but also qualified directly for the 2023 FIFA Women World Cup. The runner-up, Colombia, and the 3rd place, Argentina, have their place in the World Cup, too.

Linda Caicedo (Colombia) was considered the best player of the cup. The brazilian player, Lorena,  was the best goalkeeper and the argentinian Yamila Rodriguez was the top scorer with 6 goals.

Aldana Cometti & Laurina Oliveros, Argentina National Team

Vanina Correa, Argentina National Team

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Portugal National Team

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