“I became a professional thanks to my own strength” - an Interview with Robin Polley

“I became a professional thanks to my own strength” - an Interview with Robin Polley

Robin Polley is a Ghanaian professional soccer player who currently plays as a right-back for Heracles Almelo -a Eredivisie league’s club-. Although he was born in the Netherlands, he represents Ghana internationally.

Sharing his story and what inspired him to become what he is today, will certainly motivate any player who is in the early stages and is working to have a successful career like

When do you have started your career as a soccer player? Who or what motivated you?

I started my career when I was 5 years old and because my father -Prince Polley, a Ghanaian soccer player- was a professional soccer player, so I wanted to be like him. Everyone around me expects me to be a striker because my father always played in that position. But being a forward is not really my position. He certainly gave me a lot of advice that he learned when was young. One of them was that as an attacker he always had to be patient.

Who is your sports hero and what have you learned from her/him?

I think I will choose Aaron Wan Bissaka -an English professional soccer player who plays as a right-back for the Premier League’s club Manchester United- because his career really motivates me. He has done similar steps as I made, being a winger and becoming a wing-back with more defensive work.

You have worn Gravity grip socks during training or matches, how do you feel about them?

I feel really good when I wear the Gravity socks because I feel very stable in my shoes. They allow me to move faster without any discomfort, and as a defender, it’s so important to gain an advantage over your rival.

What drives you to be better, faster, and stronger every day? 

The steps I’ve made during my career were never easy. I am very proud of myself because I became a professional thanks to my own strength and not because I'm my father's son. That strength gives me the power to get everything out of my self every day, such in a court as in my personal life.

Robin Polley’s story is motivating for anyone who aspires to achieve their objectives in life with perseverance and strenght. What about you?

Grab your Gravity now and go for your goals!