Mo Ali’s Gravity experience: “A definitely must have”


"It helps your game for sure, and at any level, it's a must-have”

Mo Ali Heydarpour - or just Mo Ali - is a talented and young soccer player and trainer that runs @MoAliFC, a soccer training community that gathers millions of soccer fans around the worldThere you can find entertaining videos of creative trainings, soccer tricks, trickshots, tutorials and much more stuff. His goal is to teach, entertain and motivate... We are sure you have ever watched one of his amazing videos, haven’t you?

But first, let’s start telling a little about him...

With more than 1.1MM followers on Instagram and 3.8M followers on TikTok, Mo started his career as a professional soccer player in Canada -playing in SC Waterloo Region- at the age of 17. When he was 20, he moved to Slovakia to play -for a short period of time- at FC Vion Zlate Moravce. After facing some injuries, he decided to go back to Boston looking for a good recovery treatment. While he was through the recovery process he started to record videos showing drills, skills, and training sessions with pro players. Those videos were a success on social media, so he decided to take a turn in his career and became a technical coach and soccer content producer.

If you follow us on Instagram -you'd better do it- you can see that he has worn -and still wears- our Gravity Grip socks in a lot of training sessions, with the most important soccer clubs in Germany, Nigeria, Argentina, Mexico, the United States, Turkey, the Netherlands, to name a few. 

Mo Ali is a worldwide recognized soccer coach and he knows very well how important it’s to wear technologically advanced socks to feel more confident such as in a training session as in a game. So, we decided to ask him about his thoughts and his own experience wearing Gravity socks.

What are their benefits? How do Pro Players feel with them? Does he recommend them? Check it out now!

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