Benefits of wearing compression socks

When we speak about compression socks, we usually relate them to special health conditions like pregnant women, people in wheelchairs, or people with varicose veins, for Instance, airplane crew, and passengers are likely to wear this kind of socks to reduce their risk of developing deep vein thrombosis or blood clots. Compression socks can also help people on their feet all day at work to reduce fatigue. 

Compression socks enhance blood flow by encouraging the circulatory system to move blood from the lower legs back up to the heart. That’s why they were meant to prevent or heal a variety of medical conditions such as varicose veins, edema, and phlebitis as well as to ease fatigued, bloated legs.

But compression socks have proved to be very important also for elite athletes, especially soccer professional players during training sessions and matches.

What are the benefits of wearing compression socks for athletes?

From the calf upwards, compression socks apply a progressive reduction of pressure to the leg. The blood that has gone down is pushed back up, as a result, increasing blood circulation. It's easier to drain the waste products from your muscles, which lowers the chance of muscle  soreness.

Compression socks enhance blood flow during exercise, according to athletes. Better physical endurance is achieved because the oxygen reaches muscle cells more quickly. Many athletes report a quicker and easier recovery after a workout when wearing compression socks, which seem to help muscles regenerate more efficiently. Research demonstrates a speedier post-exercise recovery on average. Also, athletes feel reduced calf tightness, stiffness, and weariness, especially after keeping the socks on for a time after their exercises.

Additionally, compression socks can offer the necessary support to prevent and treat ankle problems. These socks provide compression around the ankle joint, much like an ankle bandage or race. This enhances the joint's sense of stability.

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