Nike Grip Socks

What makes Gravity Grip Gear different from other big brands in the market?

This is true. Why should you buy from Gravity Grip Gear and not from the big brands like Nike, Adidas, and the likes? Don’t they have a big marketing campaign to promote their Nike grip socks and other Nike socks? They sure do. And they are running quite successfully too. But we are in the game to give players something better than just a pretty brand. We believe in giving our customers an edge over the other players, which comes with better stability between your shoes and feet. And the one that mediates between the two is socks. If you are an athlete or a player who uses their feet to the maximum, then you know how much time and efficiency on the game can be lost due to discord between your shoes and feet. And you can’t have just about any grip socks that will provide grip but cut off blood flow to your feet. That defeats the purpose.

Hence, Gravity Grip Gear comes with socks that will do more work and less talk. We’d let you do the talking while our socks work for your better performance in any game. Send in feedbacks to us on how much you love it or hate it. But try it before you dismiss the idea. And why should you try it? We’ll tell you.

Not all socks provide complete lock and load grip

God forbid if you decide to wear any ordinary socks for your tournament. Champions know they need to take care of what goes on their feet. Do not commit to the foolishness. You need to have a better grip on your feet. And for that, you need socks that will support your dream. If you are going to run around a lot, bump into people or not, sweat profusely while you are at it, then you need socks that can match your high performance. Socks that you can slip on your feet with ease and provides full support to your ankles is your best cheerleader. Plus, when it doesn’t roll down on your expectation and can grip on your feet for even better performance, you’d fall in love with it easily. Meet the love of your life at Gravity Grip Gear.

High performance can be hindered with non-performing socks

The first thing players give attention to is their shoes. They will check every angle to make sure it fits right. But even after that, if you feel certain discord, you start to feel little under confident in your performance. And it slowly starts affecting you. Did anyone ever think that something as small as socks can have a big impact on your agility, gait, and performance? Don’t blindly pick up popular brands in hopes of getting it all figured. That will only lead to despair. But with socks that will love you as much as you love your game and support your feet as much as your loved ones support your passion, things will become better.

If you want to win over your competition, you have to make every move of yours better. And to make your moves better, you need things that will facilitate that. Gravity Grip Gear has what it takes to help your feet to make it work better for you in the game.

Gravity Performance and Gravity Pro


A warrior should always be better equipped with all the armors to defend and win the battle. When the game becomes tougher and intense, your support should become more firm and agile. And with that philosophy, Gravity Grip Gear has devised socks that will do that and much more for you in the game:

Gravity Performance: These socks are as comfortable and as supportive as it can get. It has a UNIQUE compression function within the socks that fits tightly your feet and supports your ankles. Hence, it gives your ankle stability while also supporting blood flow.

  • There are grip pads on the bottom of the foot to lock the socks with the shoes.
  • Also, it has a unique compressed fit throughout the sock to provide support to the ankle joints.

Gravity Pro: These socks are as compatible as Gravity Performance grip socks. Besides, it is made with Gravity Grip Technology and has Gravity grip pads on the inside and outside of the socks to provide extra support and grip.

  • These grips are made of a leather-like material, which will activate its superior grip when in contact with moisture. So you don’t need to worry if your socks will give up on you when you are sweating or if it rains.
  • Since it has grip pads on the inside and the outside of the socks, it eliminates slippage COMPLETELY.
  • Also, it has two breathability zones on the instep which keeps your feet dry and breathing.

So now before you head on to buy your regular Nike Grip socks and other Nike socks just to match it up to your game, compare if it offers you what we do. We are aiming to provide the best gear for high performance. And if you believe in the same, you’d buy these anti-slip grip socks from Gravity Grip Gear. And also, we provide WORLDWIDE SHIPPING. So wherever there is a person wanting to improve his agility and performance in his game, we are there to supply you with support. When everything coordinates and works in harmony, winning becomes easy. Pick your armor and get ready to win the battle. Order now.