Non Slip Sports Socks

A slip-up can cause you much trouble and embarrassment

Get a hold of your game with Non-Slip Grip Socks from Gravity Grip Gear

 You might be an ardent fan of sports, especially those that need physical rigor like football, soccer, basketball, and the likes. They all need strategy, physical endurance, quick-thinking and passion to win. It is easier to scream on your TV sets when you see them lose. But it is harder to walk in their shoes. And quite precisely, it’s the shoes that cause such grievance in most cases.

If you are a sports player yourself, you would be familiar with discord between your foot and shoe? And you might also have witnessed endless blisters. Why is it that? Do you always need to man-up on the field and endure the pain as it comes? Most of them will say so, but it doesn’t solve the underlying problem.


Do you want to be faster, more agile and have an edge over other players? Upgrade your socks to a better one.

 If you witness any wound, fracture or torn muscle after your game, it is because there is a genuine discord between the feet and shoes. You might want to get the soles of your shoes checked for grip and endurance. But even after the shoes come out to be decent, what is the one thing that keeps you from playing your best? Have you accepted this as your destiny? The norm of what comes with the game? Then you are dead wrong.  Champions give heed to what can hinder their agility. If you want to win the game, you need to be fast and push yourself towards the goal. And with a better grip on yourself, you can surmount anything. And this is where Gravity Grip Socks will help your feet and shoes unite and perform better than others. 

The culprit behind discord

All you need to endure is the genuine bumps that come along winning the game, but when there is a discord between your shoes and feet, the culprit is socks! Yes, the unsuspected socks are the one, which is responsible to maintain that balance between your feet and shoes. They are the ones who are responsible. Don’t just think about sports shoes but any shoes. When you have good socks to go with it, your gait is perfect, you feel one with your shoes and there is hardly any discomfort. Socks make the interaction between the shoes and feet comfortable. And when you are not getting the comfort in your shoes, socks can be blamed for it. For better performance, you need better socks that can provide you support while you run behind your athletic dreams. 

The logic behind socks and shoes

Do not wear your formal socks with your sports shoes. It might look decent or fashionable, but it is highly impractical. They are good for the match they are made for–that is formal shoes. While we are playing on the field, we have a ton of things going on rather than just walking. We will be running, sweating profusely, getting dirty, bump on with other players etc. Hence, your regular socks will not stand the test of time or game. The same logic applies here to why we don’t wear formal shoes for football –It doesn’t support the feet for playing. Same goes for socks. 

How the interaction between your socks, shoes and feet should feel like

Now that you are enlightened by this fact, you can proceed to look for socks that will help you create oneness with your shoes. Shoes are supposed to feel like an extension to your legs. And it is important that it lessens the impact of an approaching ball towards your feet. And that won’t be possible if you are already slipping on your footwear. Have you noticed that you can slip because socks and shoes are just not getting along? Either you slip or the shoes launch itself out of your feet when you are changing direction. And that’s how you get yourself in an embarrassing situation. And if embarrassment is not an issue, then muscle tearing, fracture, injury and such should be your concern. 

How Gravity Grip Gear will help you in this situation

Gravity Grip Gear has heard your pleas and knows what every player must be going through when facing the field head on. You might not want to ruin the game just because your shoes and socks cannot stand each other? So here, we present you non-slip sports socks that will work to your advantage. Keep your eye on the prize and mind on the goal. No need to worry about socks slippage from your footwear. If your mind gets irritated on your shoes and socks, how will you focus on the game? Hence, we have come up with the solution to make it better for you! You handle your game and we make sure your mind would not be bothered by slippage of socks.

Gravity Performance Grip and Gravity Pro

We offer two of our advanced anti-slip grip socks for the dedicated players on the field –Gravity Performance Grip Socks and Gravity Pro. Let’s know how these will fit your game.

Gravity Performance Grip Socks –If you want agility in your game, then you need that support and comfort in your feet. And Gravity Performance Grip Socks offers:

  • Comfort
  • Anti-Slip
  • Ankle Stability

It has grip pads on the bottom of the foot to provide grip inside of your footwear and lock your feet in place. The Performance sock has a UNIQUE compression function that supports the ankle joint and hence stabilizes the ankle and blood flow to it while supporting your feet for the win. It also has  a supported rubber band on its midfoot for arch support and stops your socks from rolling within the footwear.

Gravity Pro –These are made with Gravity Grip Technology with pads on the inside and on the outside to eliminate slippage completely. These unrivalled Gravity pads activate its grip when it becomes wet because of sweat or rain or anything that causes moisture. So when the weather becomes harsh, your socks become stronger to become your support. Gravity PRO also has a rubber band on its mid-section to support your arch and stop your sock from rolling within the shoe. On the instep of the sock it has 2 breathability zones to wick moisture while keeping your feet dry. The socks are highly comfortable and are the top-notch quality anti-slip sports socks available.

So, have you made your choice yet? Then do not hesitate to order online for your Gravity Grip Gear anti-slip sports socks today. They come in a variety of colors. We ship worldwide, so wherever you are, order now!